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Transibiersky EkspressTransibiersky Ekspress

This be the first big pornofilm role for Jonny, who did not have sexytime with that Asian mans.




King KhramKing Khram in 3D 

This movieposter also appear on pg 49 of Borat Touristic Guidings Book...

But be warn!  It is unsensor and shown mine monkey phenis in all of its glory whole!

King Khram was boxing office smash hit and sell out all 7 movie theaters in a Kazakhstan.

Very niice!


"Jonny Got Framed" soundtrack albumNEW - Sounds Track Album for "Jonny Gets Framed"

You can now make purchase of recordings from mine suspense pornofilm call "Jonny Gets Framed". Can be found at book & record store on internet tubes that is run by large warrior woman (

78 rpm recordings album feature very best sexy times sounds from this movie, plus music track that include "Bing Bang" by super popstar Korki Butchek and "Gimmee Gimmee Smores" by singing prostitute Britneys Spear.

This records album jacket design by artist Alex Day who is confirm not to be gypsy or jew.

Almaty SummerAlmaty Summer 

Jonny costar with famous Kazakh comedy actor Viktor Hotelier. 

It is 'road trip' movie like one in US and A film where prostitutes name Thelma & Louis prove womans should not be allowed to drive car when they go off that cliff.

In this moviefilm, Jonny and Victor steal luxury automobile own by Premier Nazarbayev and travel across country of a Kazakhstan - picking up many prostitute along way -  until arrive at Almaty where drive quickly through open market fill with gypsies.

This porno was huge blockbluster success in my country and earn almost 180 US dollars.  Nice!

This movieposter picture by artist Alex Day.

Odissea moviefilmOdissea 1.0

In this pornofilm, Jonny sneak onto Soviet rocket ship and kill all man cosmonauts while flying to International Space Station.  Then arrive at station to make sexy time with all lady cosmonaughties there.

Movieposter picture is from scene where me pop out of rocket hatch and language sign "Heeere's Jonny!" then bite face off pilot.

This porno also feature sound track with song by Britney Spear call "You Want a Piece of Meat" and also singer April Lavigne song "Skeeter Boi", which play while Jonny make liquid explosion in zero gravitys. 

This movieposter by artist Alex Day.

Angry Snakes on Gypsy BoatAngry Snakes on Gypsy Boat 

This one of first moviefilm roles for Jonny, where me star as monkey hideaway who save peoples by eat snakes.

If look closely, can see pirate man at bottom of poster is actor who star on televiski show "Battlespace Galactica". In real life he like snakes very much... VERY much.

This moviefilm poster by artist Alex Day.


Trans Siberian Express 2Transibiersky Ekspress Too

This be propose movieposter for English version of sequel to blockbluster "Transibiersky Ekspress".

We get big Hollywood movie star actor and actress lady because Kazakh government steal their private sexytime videos for make blackmail.

This moviefilm poster by artist Alex Day.


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