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Welcome to official website for me - Jonny the Monkey - #1 most popular celebrity in all Kazakhstan! 

Jonny the Monkey is a television host and movie actor that Kazakh journalist Borat has called his favorite TV star:

"My favorites telvisoin star is Jonny the Monkey he can ride motorcycle and smoke cigarettes!"

- Official Borat Myspace profile

And in many interviewings, Borat acknowledges Jonny to be the most famous celebrity in Kazakhstan:

"...number one is animal actor "Jonny the Monkey", who dress like Humphry Bogarts and smokes cigarettes. He children's favorite and was star of Transibiersky Ekspress and many other pornos."

- Vanity Fair interview with Borat

What Celebritys Jonny Most Look Like?

Mine gypsy assistant Batyr find program to show what famous peoples Jonny most resemble - and he laugh when see it show I most looks like former King of the Jews, Ariel Sharons...  

Great humiliations!

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See below short videofilm of Jonny & Batyr with Borat on opening skittish of TV show "Saturday Nights Life (4:40 minutes place)".  Niice!

- Chenquieh!

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